Drysure Extreme Ski Boot Dryer - Best seller - excellent for ski boot - sold out last season Black & Orange - Drysure Extreme Drysure Extreme is Portable, reusable, hygienic, and quick drying Drysure Extreme - Ski Boot Dryer Drysure Extreme - New packaging Drysure Extreme - Great for Skiing, Snowboarding, Horseriding, Motorbikes Drysure Extreme Boot Dryers are great for all boots

Black & Orange - Drysure Extreme

£ 29.95 GBP


Quick Facts:

  • 12x more effective at drying than normal air drying.
  • Reduce Bacteria and Fungal Growth which cause the smell
  • Drysure Do Not Use Heat - which is great for for your Boots
  • Drysure Do Not Use Electricity - Eco-Friendly

The ability to Dry Any Anywhere Anytime means you can stop the exponential bacteria and fungal growth.

They do not use heat so they are the perfect Ski Boot Dryer for people who have custom molded foot beds which are heat sensitive or for skier that keeps their boots in a ski locker.

Drysure Extreme are suitable for all boots:

  • Ski Boot Dryer
  • Snowboarding Boot Dryer
  • Motorbike Boots Dryer
  • Walking Boot Dryer
  • Horse-riding Boots Dryer
  • Work Boots Dryer
  • Any other footwear that gets damp or sweaty.
  • One Size fits all adult ski boots down to size 22.5 (that about a UK size 3.5)


Weight: 0.75kg (Travel with them in your boots)

"Very impressed with how effective these are. I have used them on ski boots, walking boots and trainers on multiple occasions." BADGER, FEBRUARY 2017